We offer an alternative to real property investments, forex, blue chips and your wife’s beauty salon

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Investment fundamentals

We grant loans or go shares with those companies only having business we understand and management of which we know in person

When we go shares, we consider both full buyout and 50/50 operation where the founders do the governance

In the event of debt-fueled financing, the loan amount shall not exceed 25% of quick assets pledged

We do not invest more than 10% of the fund’s capital per one project. The perfect term of ownership of outstanding companies is always (receipt of dividend income)

Loan financing is granted for the terms starting from 3 months and more with interest payment as agreed

We increase the profitability of our investors by cutting the fund’s costs: we don’t have a show-off office, our experts work at piece rates, our investments are focused without daily buy-and-sell speculations

(where there are huge losses due to bank and broker fees)

Our investors have profitability of up to 12% per annum in foreign currency and up to 36% per annum

In the event of joint investment in businesses, the shares are distributed pro rata to the amounts invested and the exit terms and the time of dividend payment are agreed upon individually.

As a rule, IMPEX goes shares up to 50% and plans exit in 3-5 years but exceptions are possible.

Sample transactions can be found in Our Portfolio